Tipi Hire for Weddings & Events

Let our beautiful tipis surprise you with their magic…


Crafted by Tentipi, our tipis (sometimes spelt “teepee”) combine the best of Nordic history and modern craftsmanship.

Founded in Lapland, Tentipi tents pair the ancient design aesthetic of the Sami kata people with modern technical fabrics and construction techniques. Each tent is beautifully made in Scandinavia. 

The tipis can be extensively styled or left bare, and are suitable for use rain, hail or shine. 

Each tipi can comfortably seat up to 72 people per tent with the sides down and up to 96 with raised brim. For a cocktail style event, host 80 people standing per tent with the sides down and up to 120 with raised brim. (without dance floor)

Tipi Floor Plans - Click on image to enlarge.

Single Tipi

Our signature single tipi is the perfect private event venue. Host intimate weddings, parties, festivals, pop-up bars, dining space, community and corporate events. Accommodate up to 100 standing guests.

Double Tipi

Our double tipi makes a captivating statement. Suitable for weddings, parties, festivals, pop-up bars, dining space, community and corporate events and more. Accommodate up to 200 standing guests.

Naked Tipi

Celebrate under glittering lights in our naked tipi that is open to the elements. Host a party or create a breakout space - the possibilities are endless!


Tipi or Tepee

noun ~ a cone-shaped tent of animal skins or bark used for shelter.



Event Hire

In addition to our incredible tipis (teepees), a range of unique items are available for hire.

Event furniture

Crafted by Tentipi, the Scandinavian company behind our tipis (teepees), discover a range of rustic wooden tables and benches for your event.


Add fairy lights, festoons or parcan ambient lighting.  Explore our full range of lighting options to add a touch of whimsy.


Hessian matting options are available to complement your tipi (teepee) for an authentic feel.

Dance Floor

Get the party started with our 4.8m x 4.8m professional dance floor. The size can be adjusted down to suit smaller events too.

Fire Pit

A fire pit complete with eco logs is available for hire (outside of fire ban season.)


Our rustic tipi (teepee) arbour is the perfect place to say your vows.




Styling Service

We offer an amazing styling service to help you create a space that fits with your tastes and aesthetic. From lighting, to furniture and flowers, our resident Tipi Lane stylist is an expert at adding wow factor to weddings and events featuring our tipis.